the Indonesian island of Bali Vacation

the island forever, to look at, Bali is the picture postcard island that you dream of, located just east of the island of java in the Indonesian archipelago.

Bali Vacation

The island of Bali is less than 150 kilometres long at its longest point, with lush tropical forests, scented by clove and cinnamon trees, emerald rice paddies and beautiful white sandy beaches. From east to west, there is a chain of six volcanoes between 1,350 and 3,014 metres high.

Bali is home to incredible wildlife, including 300 species of birds, barking deer and monkeys. Unfortunately the native elephants and tigers are now extinct, but nature lovers will not be disappointed with the rest of the wildlife that is on offer.

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Although Bali is just over 5,500 square kilometres (2,000 square miles) in area, there are about 4000 hotels to be found there, which is approximately half the number of hotels found in Indonesia.

Hotels cover every price range: it is possible to live quite cheaply, in various guesthouses, or in rooms rented within the houses of the Balinese people. Most hotels have shrines in their gardens and throughout Bali, you will find stunning Hindu temples including Besaikh, Bali’s ‘mother temple’ which encompasses about 200 temples and shrines.

Bali goes under many names, the ‘Island of the Gods’, the ‘Dawning of the World’ and Shangri-La – ‘The Last Paradise’.